Albamond GmbH

Albamond GmbH


We are a dependable, professional and reliable partner and service provider for our customers, who have come to cherish our solution-oriented way of handling projects.

The satisfaction of our clients is our top priority, as it is for most software-engineering companies. In our case this applies not only to our software, but also to the way we communicate with you.

As an experienced but nonetheless relatively young company it still is our concern to provide our customers with software they actually like to use, and that is not just the functionally best fitting software for their needs. We want our customers to think "that´s exactly what we had in mind", when they start working with our software.

We don´t simply want to implement requirements - we want people to be fond of our software and see and understand the advantages it brings.

Off the shelf - or taylor made?

In many cases a variety of software-products can be found to match a fundamental problem, but almost every one of them will lack in certain aspects. It is extremely difficult to find a software-package, that meets all the requirements you might have for your company, without a single exception.
This is where most companies choose one of two options:

  1. For financial reasons a ready-made product is used, and cut-backs in functionality and usability are accepted in favour of a lower price.
  2. A custom-made software is ordered. This certainly is the better option in the long run, but it can be expensive and take a pretty long time to plan, implement and deploy.

We at Albamond follow a different idea:

Taylor-made Software based on already existing components - we do not start from scratch with your software, but have the greater part of the solution ready beforehand. This way our customers get an individual solution, fitting exactly the needs and requirements they have. Not more, but also not less - withought the drawbacks described before.

Everything should be done as simply as possible, but not any simpler.
(Albert Einstein)



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