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Modular software developement is the key principle we employ to realise your requirements by the means of reintegrating established software components, which already have proven to be stable and efficient in context of other projects. By the use of a clean, well structured architecture and standardised interfaces we can assort to a variety of assemblies and functional components, and don't need to reinvent functionalities that are needed more often.

Your benefit:

  1. Complexity, time and effort needed for our projects is drastically reduced - an advantage that we can pass on to our customers in form of a less expensive product.
  2. The components are extensively tested under professional conditions and are therefore technically very mature.

Available components

  • User- and Role-Management
  • SMS- and Mailing-Notification-System
  • Data-Exchange-Framework
  • Field-precise Logging of Data-Modification
  • Job-Management and Control
  • Graph- and Curve-Presentation of measured values
  • Extended GeoMapping of ressources
  • Offline versions of Web-Applications
  • Interfaces for Active-Directory access
  • Interface for SAP-Applications
  • Access-logging
  • and many more.

Underlying Framework

  • Object-orientated Application-developement
  • Microsoft .NET technology
  • SQL-based Databaseaccess (MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL)
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • HTML / DHTML / JavaScript / PHP
  • and many more.

Success means having the right skills at hand exactly when they are needed.
(Henry Ford)



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